Coach Siuaki Livai is the Founder of Polynesian-American Sports & Education and has served our youth for many years. He has had tremendous success in his coaching career as well as mentoring the youth in his care. Having been named USA’s National High School Head Coach of the Year TWICE, and Hawaii’s Coach of the DECADE, it is no surprise that Coach Livai continues to open programs to help our youth.



Establishment of the Back to the Roots nonprofit organization (2002 – Present)​

Established various programs to help youth focus on Sports & Education, while connecting them to their cultural values – Their Roots! With programs such as the Kingdom Bowl and Samoa Bowl, we have been able to attract over 1,000 youths to attend events in both Tonga and Samoa. These youth had a renewed appreciation for this land of opportunity, and a new found respect for the family sacrifices made to get them here. Many youth have been diverted away from drugs, gangs, and crime, and some have had tremendous success in professional sports.

​Establishment of the Kingdom Bowl(2002 – Present)​

Used football to attract and inspire over 400 youths to participate in this annual bowl game held in Tonga. While instilling an appreciation of culture, education, and opportunity, this experience has helped to correct the paths of many strayed Tongan Youth.

Establishment of Samoa Bowl (2003 – Present)

Because of Kingdom Bowl’s success in Tonga, the governor of American Samoa requested that Coach Livai establish a similar system in Samoa. There were 2 goals in mind:  Instill cultural and moral values into the youth, and establish a stronger football presence in Samoa. With a decade of success, the annual Samoa Bowl has been fulfilling its 2 fold mission.

Formation of the Starfish Program (2003 – Present)

This program offers a fair chance of sports success to those who do not have resources or funds. We have seen tremendous talent go undiscovered due to lack of exposure and opportunity. We have helped these “hidden” talents to find opportunities, and many have turned it into success.

PASE: Polynesian American Sports & Education

PASE was recently established to focus on events within the USA. With emphasis on Sports, Education and Culture, we hold annual events such as: Athletic Banquets, Academic Banquets, Career Day, Culture Day, Sports Clinics and College Preparation.

State of Hawaii Coach of the Year (1996 – 2006)

Voted Hawaii’s Football coach of the year 5 different times.

Kahuku High School’s first State Championship Title (2001)

Coach Livai led Kahuku High School to its first State Championship title in school history, becoming the first public school in Hawaii to hold the title.

First Undefeated Public School in Hawaii (2002)

Kahuku’s first ever undefeated season with a 2nd State Championship title – back to back.

Record of State Championship Titles (2001 – 2005)

Coach Livai has claimed 4 State Championship titles within the first 6 years​ of its formation, before retiring. Prior to this, Kahuku High School has never held a Prep Bowl or State Championship title.

Achieving a National Ranking (1999)

Kahuku High School became the first public high school in Hawaii to be nationally ranked.  Coach Livai kept the Kahuku football team nationally ranked for 7 years.

Top in nation for college scholarships per year (1998 – 2006)

One of the nation’s highest yearly averages of athletes receiving college scholarships.

Top in nation for active Division 1 college football players (2004 – 2005)

Held a record of the highest number of active Division 1 college football players from the same  high school – a list that included 27 division 1 student athletes.

Honorary Guest to attend NFL Hall of Fame (2004)​

1 of 51 coaches (50 States + District of Columbia) selected to attend NFL Hall of Fame.

National Head Coach of the Year (2001 & 2004)

Awarded the “Pro Bowl National High School Head Coach of the Year” twice.

State of Hawaii – Coach of the Decade (2010)

As voted by the State of Hawaii. The ballots included coaches of all sports throughout all Hawaii schools, both private and public, covering the last decade.