DECEMBER 29, 2017 to JANUARY 3, 2018

Tentative Schedule:

 9:30 pmNight workshops. (Option: excuse, holidays with family); Players are excused to be with their families on New Years Eve and New Years Day, Sunday and Monday; We will continue at camp with visitors

Date: Time: Description
FRI 12/29/17    
  7:00 am Everyone help with setting up all the tents
  10:00 am Meeting: Roll call to confirm the Team Tonga & the different age groups: Ages: 8-10 / 11-13 / 14-15 / 16-18 Team Tonga.
  11:00 am PARENTS FOOTBALL CLASS: (this information is not available anywhere else, because they don’t know our needs and our situation).
  12:00 pm Lunch (affordable meals available at camp or nearby fast food).
  1:00 pm Practice / Clinic for parents & youth ages 8-15 at Camp / Older boys Team Tonga at Kahuku Park
  5:00 pm Dinner
  6:00 pm Dance at Camp; Introduction of players and all visitors to OAHU; Please invite all parents and friends; Kainga Tonga kotoa pe; Making family connections with our youth
  11:30 pm Lights Out
SAT 12/30/17    
  6:00 am Morning Stretch
  7:00 am Breakfast
  9:00 am Practice TT Kahuku Park / Ages: 8-15 at Camp, Clinic and team competition.
  12:00 pm Lunch
  1:00 pm PCC: Polynesian Culture Center Team Tonga only (options for youth & parents) / Very special price and specific special Cultural Events
  5:00 pm Buffet Dinner
  7:00 pm Night Show
SUN 12/31/17   Free Day w/ Family and/or Church groups; Workshops at Camp, etc.; BBQ with visitors
  8:00 pm Musical Prayer Meeting
MON 1/1/18   Holiday, picnic day to enjoy the beach and bbq; (Coaches may have a walk through practice etc.); Games with youth at Camp
TUE 1/2/18   GAME DAY: Breakfast, Meetings, Game Preparation
  1:00 pm Lunch
  3:00 pm Leave to the Game
  4:00 pm Kahuku Girls vs USA Girls
  6:00 pm Team Hawaii vs Team Tonga
  9:30 pm Back to camp. Option to return with family.
WED 1/3/18   Break Camp / Mahalo and Aloha ‘Oe…
    Clear campsite by 12:00 noon
Thank you very much for the experience. Safe Travels. Malo ‘aupito